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Anupam Defence Academy was established by Retd Col. O.P. Bahukhandi in 1984 and was supported by Retd Col. P.S Pathak with a single aim of nurturing the talents seeking to fulfil their dreams to become an armed force officer. It is one of the oldest academies in North India. Our motive behind establishing this academy was to provide a quality training for NDA/CDS and other defence exams to all those who come from urban, rural, or unprivileged part of India. We not only prepare students for NDA/CDS exams but also give them a complete exposure which helps them to live a successful personal, social and professional life keeping the nationalism connected to their souls.

After the extensive and meticulous research of our experts, we have analysed that defence services require highest level of analytical skills and the exams are conducted accordingly. Hence we bring out the genius within a person through proper psychometric analysis of every student and provide an ambience of learning wherein their analytical skills are developed.

For success in SSB Personality and communication skills are one of the most important requisites . Hence we give prime attention to it, so that every student is trained to have an excellent communication skill and analytical personality which possess requisite quality of leadership, integrity, character and intellect.

Our rigorous efforts have brought us to a position that for every aspirant dreaming to be an officer in Indian Armed forces Anupam Defence Academy has become the first choice.

We counsel students to learn every aspect of their character and integrity and the passion they have towards achieving their goals. For this we go through their academic records and their records of excellence in any field of sports or business. We tend to select only those candidates who have the fiery passion to cross all the hurdles of defence exams whatever come their way. Other qualities we look for are consistency and discipline. After this assessment we aim at providing the right most kind of infrastructure required by these talents.

We provide written coaching for entry into different courses like NDA, CDS, CPF, and SSB etc.The coaching is aimed at inculcating skill sets and knowledge that can be attained through rigorous practice.

The whole written coaching is a well designed program aimed at educating and testing the students. The Unique selling propositions of our written programmes are:

Our materials are scientifically designed and upgraded to meet the exact requirements of the entrance tests. They are comprehensive not leaving a single detail yet made simple and easy to grasp. They are provided with various techniques as to master the skills required for competing in the exams.
Our team goes in through a thorough brainstorming session to prepare practice test sets of question papers. They cover the entire gamut of different entrance exams and are modulated to keep the students one step ahead of the exam standard. The patterns of exam entrance test inculcated in these tests.
We provide various other facilities for training our students namely online facilities for web study and increasing the arena of students, doubt removal sessions and defence exposure through the help of various orientation sessions.
We believe that development of soft skills and debating abilities along with pschycological trainings are a must if one really wants to cross the threshold of defence examinations.
The pschycological training is an integral part of personality development programme aimed at attaining the following skill sets within a person:
  • Deepening of self knowing
  • Improvement in effective communication
  • Acquiring the ability of acceptance and congruence
  • Evolving strategies of coping with burden situations
  • Assertive behavior development
  • Improvement in social abilities
  • Improvement of analytical skills
Overall pschycological aspect is managed and designed to increase social competence manifold times.
The program outline:
  • Incessant group discussions to improve debating abilities
  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Communication etiquettes
  • Active listening skills
  • Excellent non verbal communication
  • Professional and business etiquettes and many other such multitude of features
  • Instilling complete set of Defence characteristics
Overall pschycological aspect is managed and designed to increase social competence manifold times.

We conduct multiple interview sessions for our candidates on the lines of SSB, NDA, CDS and other defence interview tests. The objective is to give a first hand experience of the dimensions of the interview, the type of questions being asked and the personality and other requirements that are assessed.

Candidates failing in rounds are retrained to come up the standards.

Our interview sessions equip candidates to face SSB interview for all types of commission be it Naval Engineering Entry, NDA entry, Army Engineering entry or other types

Our team comprises of the best team of defence professionals, trainers who have proved excellence in various fields and have nurtured many talents. We are prized to have professional trainers for UPSC Entrance Exams such as NDA, CDS, CPO and Other Entrance Tests The team is a perfect blend of experience and expertise to provide the rightmost kind of education.

The team remains on the mission to see that the students do not lack guidance in any aspect of their development.Continous orientation sessions and debating rounds are organized among the team to sort out the deficits and modify thereby.